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In memory of Rosie

Passed away:

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The loss of a pet impacts everyone differently and if you need somebody to talk to please call our Pet Bereavement Support line.

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Memories of Rosie

We have very sadly recently lost our much loved beautiful girl Rosie.

Rosie’s passing leaves behind a much loved paw print on our hearts, a paw print which is filled with lots and lots of special memories of our wonderful journey of 14 and a half wonderful years in which we shared with our special girl Rosie.

This would mean so much to us for people to donate to The Blue Cross, because we were a previous client at their Hammersmith, London Hospital and we saw first hand the wonderful work which they do, they helped us when Rosie was diagnosed with epilepsy and they supported us and Rosie throughout Rosie’s illness with epilepsy, thanks to the support which we received we were able to gently get Rosie of the medication for epilepsy and Rosie remained seizure free, although she just had breakthrough seizures when the weather changed, they were never major and it was manageable.

We are truly grateful for all the wonderful support which received from the Blue Cross Hammersmith Hospital.

Even though time has passed by, it's not made it any easier. It's sometimes been so awful and hard to try and fill the silence in the long and winding hours.

We have been trying to support each other, Mum, Lucy and Bobby through this hard time which hasn’t been easy.

It’s been a really heartbreaking feeling to try to come to terms with not having our beautiful girl Rosie by our side, she’s been our rock through thick and thin, throughout times when there has been no one else around.

Rosie was our true and true, loyal companion.

Our Rosie was such a gentle, happy, bouncy girl. She was always happy to just go with the flow, nothing was ever too much for Rosie.

When we rescued our Lucy, Rosie was there ready and waiting to nurture and lead Lucy and gently show Lucy love and respect which meant that they developed a truly special bond and grew to love each other.

Rosie did so much for Lucy, she showed her so much love and it's thanks to our beautiful Rosie that Lucy has become the loving girl who she is today. We will always be so grateful for the input Rosie gave to Lucy.

Our loss really was and is heavens gain, there really is a huge hole just opened up in our lives, a hole which sadly will never be filled.

Our beautiful and wonderful girl Rosie left us after sharing a journey with lots of special, beautiful and wonderful memories and experiences with us.

We do and always will miss our beautiful girl Rosie so much.

Our wonderful and beautiful Rosie took our Lucy and Bobby under her wing and was very much the mother of our pack.

We have a wonderful time which really sticks out in our mind is when our beautiful grandmother ‘Nanny’ suffered a stroke and our Nanny went into a coma. We did a CD recording of Rosie barking. We got some odd looks in the Hospital but through her barking she brought our Nanny back to us and thanks to Rosie we enjoyed a further 2 years with our beautiful and wonderful Nanny. We are and always will be in our debts to our special, wonderful girl Rosie.

We had 14 and a half wonderful years with our beautiful, wonderful, special girl Rosie.

Thank you so much Rosie, we love and miss you so so so so so so so so so much.