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In memory of Roxy

Passed away:

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Memories of Roxy

Roxy Roo, from the minute we chose you from the litter of pups, we knew you were going to be a handful! This cute ball of fluff was a little monster. I remember daddy came home from work one day and found mummy and the children all standing towards the back of the sofa because you were biting our ankles when we walked across the floor :) and you were too small to jump up onto the sofa so we were safe. This is something we used to giggle about over the years. You chewed the furniture and gave us that look that it wasn't you. You were our first family pet for the children, and they were so surprised when we brought you home, they didn't know we were bringing them a pup. Over the years you gave us lots of laughs and tears, but the love was unconditional. You used to love curling up on the sofa behind my legs each evening, you truly were a mummy's girl Roo. You loved to tuck yourself up in your basket at night and pull your blankets over you, this was so funny to watch, but the cutest thing you did. You were always so polite when we were eating, you would sit in front of us and move your little eyebrows up and down and pretend you weren't looking at us or the food, but we knew you were and always shared a little with you. Your smell we will never forget, even at 15 you still had that puppy smell. Your little white paws looked as though you were wearing socks. You were such a little sweetheart and always good with the kids, even when we had our first granddaughter, you loved her from the beginning, you were great friends. Roxy, you always thought you were bigger and tougher but we knew it was all show because you we a little softy. You hated loud noises like thunder and would climb under our computer desk behind the printer, you used to make us laugh so much with your weird ways, but that is what made you so special. The last year had been the decline in your health and we tried to find out what was happening, but like always, you called the shots and the scans couldn't go ahead as your kidney function was too low for the anaesthetic, so the vet had to guess at possibly cancer and dementia. We thought this was it, but with regular check ups at the vet and meds, you just got on with it, true Roxy style and this was good for a year, but then things changed and suddenly it all just happened. You decided on Friday 6th October that this was it, we shared our cornflakes together like we did every morning and a little while later we had to whisk you to the vets as you had gone into a seizure and couldn't come out. You took the decision away from us Roo. Mummy and daddy cuddled you whilst the vet did what they had to do. It was all so sudden. You were surrounded at home by us all before we had to take you to the vets, so we all got our chance to say our goodbyes to you. Roxy Roo, the house is empty and our hearts are sad. Thank you for giving us all 15 years of love, friendship, companionship, fun and laughter. We will miss you and you will be forever in all of our hearts. Nanny and Poppy will truly miss you too, you were like their little baby too. Sleep well Roo and look after Fizz. You're now free from any pain so go chase those cats. Love you so much. xxxx