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In memory of Stig

Passed away:

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Memories of Stig

Stig memories

1st visit to Liverpool, staying at Stu's parents coming back after night out to Stig on the sofa cuddling up to Jim

Chewing up his rosette from puppy training

Nibbling my heels so much as a pup that I had to buy house trainers

Biting the postman at sackville Rd

Marathon training with Kate at the weekends

Speed training round the pond at the park in Sheffield

Caught out in torrential rain waiting at the bus stop for it to slow down when out for a walk at Sackville Road

Growling at Stu when we first met whenever we cuddled

Rancid rabbit vomit at the cottage

The cow chasing incident at the cottage

Bringing Rowan home for first time to meet dogs with umbilical chord like a pork scratching. Stig sitting down as if waiting to be given a treat

Digging a hole in the neighbours garden after. Visiting Nic and pats and escaping out of the top of the garden

Running in his sleep

Taking him for an off lead walk at Doggy VIP field and letting him off lead for 1st time in maybe 6 years?

Group dog walking with Keith

Training classes with Keith

Going to choose him from Doncaster after spotting an add in the paper. He was the last short haired Black and Tan pup on the allotment/smallholding where his mum the gsd lived. His dad was a Doberman that the owners used to show. The litter of pups was an 'accident'. He curled up in the footwell of the passenger side of the car at my feet on the drive home.

He howled for 2 nights when we tried to get him used to sleeping in a kennel outside when we first got him. So much so that the neighbours shouted at him to shut up in the middle of the night

Nudging the back door keys to tell me he wanted to go outside for a wee

Stig licks. When he decides he wants to clean your leg and then his tongue gets stuck mid lick and he just holds it there.

How he used to rest his chin on the dinner table

Coming home to shredded dog beds and mountains of fluff at the cottage when we had been out and left him.

Comments from people out and about. You've got your hands full. You could put a saddle on and ride him. Who's walking who. He's beautiful, what is he?

Not having enough space on the bed when he gets on for a sleep. He's a reassuring heavy lump, gently breathing away at the side of me.

The way he rests his heavy head on me when he wants my attention.

The way he reverses out of my way when I'm trying to get through the door.

His tippy tappy claws on the floor when he's walking around and the gentle rhythmic thud thud as he climbs the stairs in a morning to get me up for breakfast

When he ate something spicy and had a Stiggy licky face for about 15 mins until the burn went away.