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Tia Merrett

In memory of Tia Merrett

Passed away:

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Memories of Tia Merrett

Tia was my best friend. I suffered with depression for many years and she was the one who I woke upto who put a smile on my face. The wagging tail and that beautiful smile when she greeted me at the door reminded me of how amazing the world is to have such a loyal and loving companion. She will be missed by many. All her quirks such as slapping you with her paws when she wants cuddles or resting her head on your lap while you tried to eat dinner are the things I'll miss the most and I'd give anything to be able to have them back. As much as I wish things were different, I know she is in a better place now. Out of pain and no more suffering. I love you so much Tia, Rest in peace ❤️