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In memory of Tiffany

Passed away:

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Memories of Tiffany

I was mad to agree to take Tiffany who was as stiff as a stair rod when we walked round the school; head in the air, unhappy. However she was rather nice to hack out and not at all strong coming back home to her stable. The clincher was a helper saying to me-- 'I think you'll get on well together' and I felt he really knew the horse.

The first time we hacked out, husband walked with me, out on to the narrow bendy road. At the top of the bridle track I said I would hack round the top bit and meet him in a few minutes to head back home. Of course as soon as out of sight, Tiffany heard some noise coming from across the valley and stopped dead. She wouldn't go forward and I dreaded what would come next; a spin, a rear, a bolt, or maybe we would just be stuck there. I urged her forward, one step on and then two steps back, and so it went on. Suddenly she decided I had passed her test and we were walking out again. I was frightened and said to husband, its no good, she is too much horse for me, I am in my 60's. Give her a chance said husband and from that day Tiffany was the sweetest, most affectionate horse I have had and known. We would lie in the stable together---for a bit. She was gorgeous and we just clicked with each other.

Sadly this doesn't end well. After months of prevarication, I decided I did need a major operation which would put me out of riding for 6 months and probably at my age for ever. I looked after Tiffany through the winter and in the Easter she went back to the Blue Cross. She became lame, difficult, and not a rehoming project. She was put down.

My consolation is that she did have a wonderful last 16 months with me and I with her. I know she was very happy and I could tell she had had a bad time for some of her life. Everything had to be tested before she would accept. She had also been well looked after and trained and this came right out in her last months. I'm sorry we couldn't have been together longer--- I was just too old and she was just a sensitive soul. Perhaps there is riding to come for both of us.