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In memory of Tinkerbell

Passed away:

Pet Bereavement Support

The loss of a pet impacts everyone differently and if you need somebody to talk to please call our Pet Bereavement Support line.

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Memories of Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell was my baby girl for 13 years. I got her when she was 6 weeks old and fell in love with her immeadiately. She was with me through good times and bad and Filled my life with so much joy. She greeted me every night when I came home from work, sat with me on the sofa each evening and cuddled up with me on my bed every night.

She suffered ill health in later life but I ensured she remained happy and cared for.

The hardest part of losing her is knowing I’ll never stroke her incredibly soft fur, hear her purr or smell her ever again. My heart is broken and I just wished she’d lived to be an old lady like she deserved