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In memory of Tofu

Passed away:

Pet Bereavement Support

The loss of a pet impacts everyone differently and if you need somebody to talk to please call our Pet Bereavement Support line.

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Memories of Tofu

Tofu I can't believe you are gone. You were ill with diabetes, just like Cocoa and Cino so I knew we were facing an uphill battle but I thought you would live longer than you did. My heart has a big hole in it now, as I miss you so much. You were the reason I jumped out of bed in the morning and I loved to see you running around excited to see me. You were awake most of the day, so we did see you a lot and that is how you got into my heart. What a sweet hamster you were and I will always miss your funny little ways. Of all of the hamsters we have owned, you have been the smartest, the most endearing and loveable one and you are completely irreplaceable. Sleep well, my little friend. You were a special light in the world that burned so brightly for such a short time but gave us all so much joy and taught us what it really meant to love an animal. The photo was the last one we had of you just before you passed which is sad but I treasure it because it reminds me how I got to hold you on my lap for a few hours stroking your little head, telling you how much you were loved by us all. Rest in peace beautiful boy.