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In memory of Willow

Passed away:

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Memories of Willow

Willow has always been my best friend, ever since I was a 12 year old boy.

We would always play hide and seek up the hills together and just go on adventures for hours and hours. I would be the first person she would look for and she would always wait for me to get home from school or uni or work and her eyes would light up and I'd scoop her up and give her a big kiss and cuddle.

I feel like Willow knew me better then anyone and we were very similar, a bit anxious and timid around certain people and situations growing up but around each other we would be animated and full of life.

She gave me so much comfort and my one only constant amongst a lot of change and chaos growing up.

Willow has been with me through everything and seen me grow up through my school, uni, clubbing days to finally living with me and my partner in our home, still calmly waiting for me to get home from work before coming for a cuddle on the sofa and walks on the beach, she could still out run me even up to a week before her passing.

She was so much more than a dog to me, and I hope and pray she is playing on the hills like we used to when I was a 12 year old boy.

I'll see you again one day Willow, my little angel. You've been the greatest friend and companion I could have ever wished for. I'll always be your boy, no matter how old I grow.


~23rd February 2003

- 09th October 2017~