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NEHS media toolkit

Spreading the word about NEHS 2018 is so important, as it is the only survey that looks at the general health of our horses, ponies, donkeys and mules in the UK. Below we have put together some great resources that we hope you can share.


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Sample Facebook updates

Calling all horse owners! We need your help by taking part in the National Equine Health Survey from 21st - 28th May 2018. Register now:

From little to large, all horse health matters! Help us to gather information to safeguard the health of the UK's horses.  Register now at and we will remind you when the survey opens from 21st - 28th May.

Safeguard future horse health in the UK by registering now and taking part in the National Equine Health Survey from 21-28 May at Please spread the word!

Sample tweets

Calling all horse owners - we need your help! Register now to take part in horse health survey: (21-28 May) #NEHS

From little to large, horse health matters! Help them by taking part in this survey: #NEHS

Quotes and testimonials

“NEHS is the only survey of its type and provides crucial information about the common, endemic diseases all horses face. The results are valuable in helping to establish benchmarks for equine health and priorities for future research, training and education. I’m urging every horse owner to spare a few minutes to complete the survey and do their bit to help safeguard the health of the nation’s horses.” Mary King, international event rider and Olympic champion
“Bourton Vale are proudly supporting and promoting the NEHS survey 2018. We believe this survey can potentially capture important data that can be used for vets to help us with early diagnostics due to highlighting trends and statistics with horse health in the UK. We would like to encourage all horse owners to embrace this opportunity and complete the survey and be part of making a difference.” Natasha Seeley, BVM&S MRCVS, Bourton Vale Equine Clinic


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