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NEHS terms and conditions

Will my details be shared with other people?

If you specifically give your consent to the sharing of your data with The Horse Trust as our partners in this project (and by The Horse Trust with its research partners) when given the option to do so, we will share your data in accordance with the consent you have given. We will only share your data with The Horse Trust for this purpose and not for fundraising and marketing purposes.

If you do not give that consent, we will not share your data. In that case, the following terms would apply:

We would collate all the results to build a snapshot picture of horse health in the UK, from the horse owner’s perspective. We would use your contact details to inform you if you have won a prize and to notify you of future NEHS surveys.
Your contact details will never be passed to a third party and the details of your completed survey will remain anonymous in every context in which they are used.

What will you do with all the results?

The survey results are interpreted by Professor Josh Slater, Professor of Equine Clinical

Studies at The Royal Veterinary College and then shared across the equestrian sector to help establish benchmarks for equine health and disease in the UK and define priorities for future research, training and education. In the future we are hoping a paper on the NEHS may be published in the prestigious Equine Veterinary Journal to help equine vets recognise the importance of this valuable project.

— Page last updated 8/06/2017