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Neutering campaign

When dogs and cats aren’t neutered, their unwanted puppies and kittens are often left to suffer. Please help Blue Cross neuter more pets to stop this needless misery.

Thrown away like rubbish

Frightened kittens Astra, Nova, Star and Miranda were found dumped in a local park in Reading with their mum when they were only a few weeks old.

In the last four years Blue Cross has taken in 42 per cent more homeless pets under the age of four months. Pets like Alex and Chestnut, two kittens who were found dumped in a cardboard box in someone’s garden. They were extremely afraid and Alex needed surgery to remove his damaged eye. Watch our video and find out more about them. 

Zipped up in a holdall

These four puppies were found dumped in a bag after being abandoned in a car park overnight. The petrified pups were discovered the following morning. Meet Wilfred, Celia, Enid and Martha.

Not only did these puppies deserve some love, a warm bed and a tasty meal, they also needed essential vaccinations to keep them healthy. They should never have had to experience such misery in their short lives. Watch our video to meet the pups and see how they’re doing.

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— Page last updated 19/12/2018