​Pet owners are happier, healthier and more successful

Pets owners are happier, earn more money and are fitter than people who don’t own a four-legged friend, a new survey has revealed.

Our poll found that households with a dog or cat are happier than those with no pets. 

Pet owners are also more likely to spend more family time together and have jobs they enjoy. In fact, ten per cent more pet owners said they were ‘definitely’ truly happy in their current job roles than those without animals, suggesting that pets could have a positive impact on many areas of owners’ lives.

Pet owners are also fitter, doing at least two hours more exercise a week than those who don’t have any pets. Plus, they also spend more time outdoors in a typical week – usually about nine hours in total, compared to just seven for non-pet owners.

Alyson Jones, Blue Cross Head of Rehoming, said: “We’ve always known what a wonderful addition to the family pets can be and our Blue Cross medal celebrates pets that have done something truly amazing. But this research shows that day to day, they can have hugely positive impact on our lives. Pets bring families closer together and help us to stay fit and healthy.”

Alyson added: “There are so many reasons to cherish our pets and the difference they make to our lives, which is what our Blue Cross Medal celebrates. If your pet has done something truly amazing, why not nominate them for this special award.”

The Blue Cross Medal is awarded to a pet who has done something amazing to change or even save a life. Nominate your pet now. Nominations close on 1 October 2015.

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