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One-eyed dog looks for home with canine friend

A young dog who lost her eye in a freak accident is hoping a canine companion in a new home will help rebuild her shattered confidence.

Lyric, an 18-month-old Staffordshire bull terrier cross, damaged her right eye beyond repair in January after attempting to jump over a fence, and sadly needed to have it removed.

Unable to afford the cost of the surgery, her previous owners took the decision to hand her over to their local veterinary practice, which managed to then find Lyric another home.

Lyric lost her eye in a freak accident trying to jump over a fence but is coping well.

Although she found comfort in her new owners’ other dog, the family soon found they couldn’t dedicate enough time to helping Lyric adjust to life with one eye and had to take the heartbreaking decision to bring her to Blue Cross in April. She has been at our Suffolk rehoming centre since.

Apart from bumping into the odd object, Lyric’s disability doesn’t seem to hold her back anymore - but she is nervous and lacks confidence in new situations.

She has, however, found huge reassurance through her bonds with other dogs in Blue Cross care, and has grown to be very dependent on her canine pals.

But sadly, Lyric continues to watch her four legged helpers leave the centre for their new lives as she waits for her forever home and a new canine role model to come along.

Emma Collar, Animal Behaviour Coordinator at Suffolk, who has been fostering Lyric for short periods at her own home to help her adapt to family life again, said: “Lyric is a super little dog who does need a bit of a special home. She takes time to become confident with people but once she does she is a very silly, playful and affectionate little dog.

Lyric finds confidence through other dogs she meets.

“She has this relationship with three other staffies with us here at the centre. She loves her woodland walks at the centre and field walks at mine as they are nice and quiet and predictable – she runs around bounding over the logs and loves having a good explore.

“With her needs in mind, she is looking for a quiet rural home and environment with very quick access to fields and quiet walking areas.

“It would be great if she could live with a dog who can be a confident and steady role model for her, helping her to feel as confident as possible in her home and immediate environment.

“We know this helps her a lot – she lived with a doberman in her previous home who she got on great with and she has been excellent with my older lab, if a bit excitable to start with.”

Despite being nervous of unfamiliar people at first, with a gradual hands-off approach a new owner will soon find Lyric becoming very attached to them and seeking plenty of affection, says Emma.

“She is a bit of lap dog, and enjoys the comfort and security this brings. She will bond strongly to people and becomes a bit of shadow,” added Emma.

Lyric is looking for a quiet home with supportive owners who are happy to take time in building up their relationship with her, alongside a confident dog to help show her the way. She may also be able to live with older children and cats.

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