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Parks for pets

Join our new campaign to help keep open spaces and parks places that pets and people can all enjoy.

Walking the dog has resulted in new friendships and even romance for 65 per cent of UK pet owners, but our research also shows that not picking up poo and having an unruly dog is a massive turn off.

Over half of those questioned agreed that clearing up pet mess is the most important thing for dog owners to do on walks. Plus, almost half said they were worried about unruly and out-of-control dogs while in their local park and green space.

"Walking your dog is a wonderful way to meet people. I should know, I met my wife while walking my dog Inca! Keeping parks and green spaces enjoyable for everyone is just one of the reasons I’ll be signing the Blue Cross pledge. It isn’t just owners failing to pick up dog mess that spoils our parks, we can all do a bit more to make sure our dogs aren’t being a nuisance. Sign up now and make all our parks places we can all be proud of.” Ben Fogle, TV presenter

Make your pledge

  • I will make sure my dog is safe around others
  • I will always know where my dog is when not on their lead
  • I will teach my dog to come back to me when called
  • I will always bag and bin my dog's poo
  • I will make sure my pet is always a joy and never a nuisance!

Why not snap a photo of your pet enjoying the park and send us your pledge? Post your photos and comment on our Facebook page or tweet them, making sure to use #parksforpets in your tweets.