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Personal gifts

By supporting Blue Cross with a significant personal gift, you can help us to change the story for thousands of abandoned or unwanted pets.

We work hard to show you the impact that your support is making.

  • We will discuss your particular interests on a one-to-one basis to ensure that your support is linked to the area of our work that is most suitable for you;
  • We will keep you informed of the progress of your chosen project or area of work and will let you know about the issues and stories that are important to you;
  • You will have the opportunity to see behind the scenes at our centres and hospitals or to attend events that will enable you to learn more about our work and connect with senior Blue Cross staff and like-minded supporters.

Our Supporters and Projects

Peri-Ann Levent Sinclair supported Blue Cross by donating the funding for five cat chalets in 2014.

Peri-Ann says: Blue Cross is a charity that is very close to my heart and that shares my own vision of finding every pet a safe and loving home. I was keen to support a project to enable the charity to help to rehome more cats as there are so many cats in need of support.

I was delighted to support the Blue Cross centre at Kimpton with the building of five cat chalets. The cat chalets will give Blue Cross the opportunity to rehome about 72 additional cats per year from the Kimpton site. These new facilities provide cats with a clean, purpose-built and dynamic environment with access to fresh air and natural light.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Blue Cross. I have seen first-hand just how valuable the work that they do is, not only with pets but with people too. Blue Cross has a unique range of quality services positively impacting the welfare of pets in the UK and I am convinced about the quality of the work. I wholeheartedly recommend partnering with Blue Cross.

Blue Cross Mobile Clinic - Victoria

Alongside our work to rehome and care for the health of unwanted pets, we also work to ensure that some of the most marginalised communities can access our services through provision of an exceptional outreach service.

The Blue Cross Mobile Clinic was launched by our Victoria animal hospital in May 2004 to meet the needs of pet owners in and around some of the poorest areas of London. Animals are assessed and treated and those who require further investigation are referred to our main Animal Hospital at Victoria. Additionally, vaccinations and microchipping are also provided as an important part of our service and we encourage all of our clients to neuter their pets to reduce the number of unplanned or unwanted litters.

This project and others like it are in need of your support. To find out more about the range of our work or to support one of our fantastic projects, please contact us.

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