Trusting someone to look after your precious pets while you are away on holiday can be tough, so you’ll have peace of mind if you do your research first. Here are our top tips on what to look for when choosing the right boarding cattery for your cat…

  • Good places book up fast, so start your search in plenty of time
  • Get a personal recommendation if possible, and check the cattery is licensed by the local authority
  • Drop in without an appointment and ask to look around – you’ll be able to tell a lot from an unannounced visit
  • Check the living area is warm, secure, clean and dry, with plenty of comfortable areas
  • Individual cat pens should have toys, a scratching post, something to hide in or under, a shelf where the cat can rest, and a large litter tray
  • Cats who don’t know each other should not be able to make nose, paw or eye contact – other cats staring at them can be stressful
  • A good cattery will ask lots of questions about your pet, including diet and preferred type of cat litter, to help keep to their routine
  • A good cattery will insist that cats are vaccinated against flu and other diseases
  • Ask about insurance cover and what the procedure is for contacting a vet and you in case of a veterinary emergency
  • Ensure the location is not prone to flooding
  • Find out how many staff there are per animal in the cattery
  • As an alternative you could consider employing a pet sitter who stays in your house while you are away – cats are often most comfortable if they can stay on their own territory

— Page last updated 9/07/2018