Tabby cat with paw in the cat treat vending machine, fishing out a cat treat

How to make a cat treat vending machine

A super simple toy that will keep your cat busy using just a shoebox and some toilet roll inner tubes.

You will need

  • An empty cardboard shoe box
  • 30 toilet roll inner tubes
  • Super glue

Note: Treats should be given occasionally and alongside a well-balanced diet. These treats aren’t suitable for cats with special dietary requirements. 

How to make it

Step one: Take the lid off your shoebox
Step two: Start to glue your toilet roll inner tubes into the box on top of one another. Your inner tubes need to have one side facing outwards.
Step three: Glue your shoebox in the middle of the shoebox lid. The lid will provide your vending machine with a base to keep it upright.
Step four: Wait an hour for the glue to fully dry
Step five: Pop a treat into each inner tube and give this to your cat to fish out with their paw

— Page last updated 04/02/2021

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