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How to pet proof your garden

With the weather getting warmer, many of us will be using our gardens a lot more than usual.

And, while we’re on strict social distancing, why not get your garden summer ready for your pet?

Top tips for garden safety

Here are our top tips to make your garden a safe place for them.

Fix any fencing

The winter sees our garden fence take on all kinds of weather. This can mean that winds have blown fences over, or rain has made them rot, creating gaps in your fencing. So be sure to fix any fencing in your garden to keep pets safely inside.

Make sure that your dog’s microchip details are up to date and, if they do get out of your garden, follow our advice on what to do if you’ve lost your dog.

Keep chemicals locked away

Chemicals, like fertilisers and weed killers, are best not used. However, if you do use these, be sure that they are pet-safe and that your pet isn’t in the garden when you do use them. 

Be sure to lock them away somewhere your pet can’t reach afterwards, like in a shed or a cupboard.

Cover ponds

Ponds are great for attracting wildlife to your garden but be sure to cover them with mesh when you’re not around to keep cats and small furries, like rabbits and guinea pigs, from falling in – we all know cats especially will be excited by those fish! 

You can also fence them off, if you’re feeling like channelling your inner landscaper. 

Remove toxic plants

While we may not be able to get hold of any new plants right now, we can make sure that any toxic plants are removed from our garden to keep our pets safe.

Look out for slugs and snails

Slugs and snails aren’t just a pain for gardeners. If eaten by your dog, they can cause lungworm. So, it’s important to get regular lungworm treatment from your vet which helps prevent this. 

Be sure to keep an eye on your four-legged friend when they’re out in the garden and, if you plan on trying to prevent slugs and snails, be careful to use slug pellets that are non-toxic for pets.

— Page last updated 07/05/2020

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