Golden labrador eating out of puzzle feeder

How to scatter feed your dog

New government advice allows one form of outdoors exercise per day which includes walking your dog.

We know this means that some owners, who walk their four-legged friends more than this, will be looking for other ways to keep them busy.

You can keep your dog mentally stimulated by using their scavenger nature to your advantage.

Dogs use their nose for so much and it’s a skill that comes very naturally to them. Scent work not only keeps your dog's brain active but also enhances their natural ability to sniff things out, all while having fun!

Scatter feeding

You can make scent work nice and simple, making your dog’s meals more interesting by scattering the entire contents of their food in the garden, if you have one, or in the house, if not.

Check out our video below.

— Page last updated 31/03/2020

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