How to watch England win the World Cup semi-final with your pet

This Wednesday, England will face their most important match for decades as they bid to claim their place in the World Cup final.

Many of us will share an evening in front of the TV with our four-legged best friends – but for many pets, the thought of a penalty shootout might not be the only thing making them anxious.

Sudden noises can spook even the most chilled of dogs, cats and other pets; the roar of jubilation as owners jump up from the sofa to celebrate goals scored can be quite unnerving for them. Follow our top tips to make sure your pet enjoys watching England beat Croatia – and we believe they will – this week:

  • Dogs, cats and other pets are easily spooked by unexpected noises. While England fans expect to be celebrating the ball hitting the back of the net on multiple occasions, our pets won’t be aware of the twists and turns of the game and some may be startled by sudden shouts and their owners jumping to their feet. Secure entrances and exits to your home so they can’t make a sudden escape and become lost.
  • Give your pet access to a quieter space to retreat to and get away from the hustle and bustle of your living room should they want to. Putting their bed and a favourite toy in this ‘safe space’ will help them to settle while you enjoy the game.
  • Prepare treats to help your dog relax. Chewing helps dogs to keep calm, so giving them a stuffed Kong – try freezing it to help keep them cool – or a favourite chew toy will encourage them to relax whilst you’re busy.
  • Having friends or family over to watch the game together? If your home is usually calm and doesn’t have many comings and goings, your pet may be unnerved by being suddenly surrounded by lots of people. Remind visitors to give your pet a fuss only if they come over for one, and remember to always supervise dogs around children – particularly when they don’t know each other well.
  • Ask your guests not to leave food and drink at pet head height. Alcohol and soft drinks containing artificial sweeteners are toxic to pets, and some human food can be dangerous for them too.


— Page last updated 13/02/2019

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