Hi, I'm Billy

I'm a 4-year-old Greyhound from Burford rehoming centre and I'm looking for my forever home.

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About me

Oh hi, you all right there? My name is Billy, and I’m a handsome greyhound looking for my new forever home! Obviously us greyhounds come in lots of colours, but I like mine the best – you’ll see when you meet me, I am SUPER SHINY!!

Now, I’m an ex racer – I was great I was, won lots of races, but I’m looking for a change in career. I’m thinking 30mph couch potato might be right up my alley! I can see a sofa, I can see snuggles with a family all of my own, perhaps a nice warm fire to toast my pointy toesies – and of course a lovely big garden to DASH DASH DASH around in!! Some new toys would be ACE too!

Now, dogs are cool to meet on walks and all, but I’ve not really learned how to make proper friends yet, I can be a bit nervous still. For that reason, maybe it’s best to just keep dogs as an on-walks-only-thing for now, rather than me having a doggy housemate to live with fulltime just yet? And as for other animals, well cats and small furries sound just a bit too tempting to CHASE to be honest!!

As I’ve had a pretty quiet life up until now, well outside of the limelight anyway, I guess I’d really just like a fairly quiet gentle home where I can gradually get used to a new kind of living – do you think that could be with you? Please send in a homefinder today if so, cos I can’t wait to meet you!

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