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Pony left to die in a ditch

An abandoned young cob who nearly died after becoming trapped in a ditch is now being rehabilitated by Blue Cross.

Boggy, three, was found in December at the back of an industrial estate, stuck up to his shoulders in thick mud after sliding down a bank and into a ditch.

He was all alone and must have been terrified until his rescuers appeared and hauled him out.

Boggy before, covered in mud, and now, happy in his field
Boggy when he was rescued covered in mud (left), and now, happy in his field.

He was brought to Blue Cross's Burford horse unit where he was checked over. Luckily he was completely unscathed despite his dramatic accident.

“He was found in the nick of time,” said Blue Cross Horse Manager Vicki Alford. “If he had spent the night in the ditch it could well have been a different story."

Despite his ordeal, Boggy is now making good progress at Blue Cross and, when he is ready, we'll find him a loving home.

Vicki added: "He’s a tough little guy and he’s already making friends in the field. It’s lovely to see him bounding about looking so happy!”

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