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Rescue Run

Run a virtual marathon for pets in need

Rescue Run


Entry fee: £12.50

Distance: 26.2 miles

Run, jog or walk a mile a day, or set yourself a bigger challenge and complete it within a day or a week! Go solo, with a friend or with your dog. Get out and about in your local area, jump on the treadmill or cross-trainer. You can even put the miles in doing laps of your garden. The choice is yours. 

This is a virtual event you can do locally, keeping yourself safe and following social distancing guidelines.

Not only will you feel amazing when you’ve completed the challenge, you’ll feel even better knowing you’re helping to give more pets the chance of a healthy life in a happy home.

On average last year it cost Blue Cross £909 to care for and rehome a dog, and £567 for a cat. Your support is vital in helping Blue Cross keep its doors open to sick, injured and homeless pets.

Your medal is ready and waiting. So what are you waiting for?

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Rescue Run is a virtual challenge brought to you by Blue Cross. The challenge is to run, jog or walk 26.2 miles over the month of May. You can either do the challenge in one go or break the distance down into multiple sessions.

A virtual event is an event that can be completed from a location of your choice, at your own pace and at any time of day you choose. You track your progress using either a fitness app like Strava, your phones health app or treadmill/cross-trainer screen or even a good old map! You will log these distances to your fundraising page and once the distance is completed, and you’ve logged all your miles, you’ll receive a beautiful medal for all your brilliant efforts.

The challenge runs from 1 May to 31 May – you can complete your 26.2 miles at any point during this time.

Sign up here to take part. It costs £12.50 per entry. Any additional fundraising is up to you but very much appreciated.

The event runs between 1 May 2021 and 31 May 2021. You can only log your miles within these dates. However, if you’d like to start early you can start your challenge and fundraising from the day you sign up – just remember to log your miles once the event officially starts. You cannot log miles past the event closing date.

This event has an entry fee of £12.50 per person.

Your registration fee goes towards the vital work we do supporting sick, injured and homeless pets. This includes our rehoming, veterinary, education, behaviour and pet bereavement support services. Find out more about our services.

Officially 31 May 2022 is the closing date for registrations however it is likely that it may be earlier.

We have a limited number of medals up for grabs so registration will stay open until we sell out. We would advise signing up as early as possible to guarantee your entry and give you as much time as possible in May to complete the challenge.

Yes. There may be restrictions around social distancing at the time of the event but please do follow the government guidelines applicable at the time of the event. You can purchase multiple entries when registering. During the registration process there is an option to ‘create’ a team and send invites to your friends and family to sign up too. Or, if you want to join an existing team you can use the ‘find’ button during the registration process – please note you will need to know the teams name or team captains name to find a team.

Yes, children are very welcome! However, children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. We’d recommend breaking down the challenge into multiple sessions and that you plan safe routes and adhere to the highway and countryside codes and current government Coronavirus guidelines where necessary. 

Absolutely! Please plan your challenge around dog friendly routes and adhere to highway and countryside codes. We’d recommend checking with your vet that your dog is fit to take on the challenge. May can have hot weather so be mindful and plan your runs at cooler times of day and keep both yourself and your dog hydrated. For more info please see our advice for running with your dog.

No, fundraising is optional. However, we are very grateful to our wonderful supporters that take that one step further and raise vital funds for Blue Cross through sponsorship. Getting sponsored for your challenge really makes a difference and will help us support even more sick, injured and homeless pets. If you do manage to fundraise £125 or more, you’ll also receive a limited edition 125th year Blue Cross Pin!

A fundraising page is set up for you during the registration process. Even if you don’t plan to fundraise, you will need this page to log your runs to earn your Rescue Run medal.

Yes. Donations are very welcome if you are unable to fundraise. You can do this by self- donating to your fundraising page.

You can take on your challenge outdoors, indoors or both. Whatever suits you best! For example, you could go to the gym (please be aware of any government Coronavirus guidelines) and step it out on the treadmill, walk up and down your hallway, do laps of the garden or explore your local area. The choice is yours! Please dress appropriately for the weather.

No. This is your marathon, your way. You can choose to do it all in one go, break the distance down over multiple sessions or do a mile a day for 26 days. Plan around your free time and plan safe routes adhering to the highway and countryside codes and current government guidelines where necessary.

Yes, once your challenge is complete and you have logged all your miles, we will send you your finishers medal and certificate. If you fundraise £125 or more, you’ll also receive a limited edition 125th year Blue Cross Pin!

All miles must be recorded on your fundraising page to be eligible for your medal. Once you’ve signed up you should automatically receive an email with your page link and information on how to connect your Strava fitness app account or enter your miles in manually.

Please note – miles can only be logged between 1 May 2022 and 31 May 2022.

If you have deleted your email with the link to your page – you can log into your account to view your page. When logged in, you can go to ‘my dashboard’ and resend past emails to yourself if you need them. You will find them under the ‘emails’ tab.

Visit the Rescue Run account sign in page.

Once you have loaded all your miles to your fundraising page, Blue Cross will be notified you have completed your challenge and a medal and certificate will be on its way to you. Medals are sent via Royal Mail second class. We aim to send within 10 working days of your challenge completion.

Once you have loaded all your miles to your fundraising page and raised a minimum of £125 for Blue Cross. Blue Cross will be notified. We will then dispatch your pin at the end of the event. Pins are sent via Royal Mail second class.

Visit the Rescue Run account sign in page. If you have registered for the event, you can log into your account here to view your page and dashboard. When logged in, you can go to ‘my dashboard’ and resend past emails to yourself if you need them. You will find them under the ‘emails’ tab.

We’re so sorry you have not received our email, they should be automatic. Please before anything else, check your junk mail if you haven’t already as our emails can end up there. 

If you haven’t received an email visit the Rescue Run account sign in page. You can log into your account here to view your page and dashboard. When logged in, you can go to ‘my dashboard’ and resend past emails to yourself. You will find them under the ‘emails’ tab.

If you are still experiencing problems, please email our Supporter Care team with details of the problem you are experiencing so we can investigate the issue and update you.

We do apologise you are having problems uploading your evidence for the Rescue Run challenge.

Please be aware that the upload function on your fundraising page is only active from 1 May 2022 – 31 May 2022. You will not be able to add miles outside these times.

If the upload function is not working during these times, please contact us as we may need to investigate the issue.

There are a few key things you can do to make the most of your fundraising page, including:

1. Upload a photo

Uploading lots of photos is one of the easiest and most effective ways of personalising your page. When your supporters first visit your page, greet them with a picture of yourself. You can upload up to ten photos, so why not add a few more to really tell your fundraising story.

2. Set a target 

Setting a target is not only a great way of motivating yourself, but it’s great also encouraging for your supporters. Letting them know that they are getting you ever closer to your goal may just encourage them to give that little bit more.

3. Show donors what their support will do 

Tell people about the charity. People love to know the impact of their giving, so if you can, tell them exactly how their donation will help. What could a £10 donation provide? What would a £50 donation mean to the charity? How could a £100 donation change lives?

4. Tell your story

We think an engaging story can make all the difference. After all fundraising is a story, so use your Rescue Run page to tell your story. It’s all about letting your supporters know why you’re fundraising and what it means to you. If they are visiting your page, they must be interested in what you’re doing, so tell them all about it.

5. Email and message your contacts in groups

It’s a great idea to email and message your family and closest friends first. As your most ardent supporters, they are most likely to support you and get the ball rolling. An empty page might be intimidating for some donors, so having a couple of donations on the page should encourage other supporters. People also tend to match the amounts already listed on the page, and your family and close friends are more likely to get you started with some generous donations.

6. Tweet & Share your page

If you are on Twitter it can be an absolute gem for fundraising, helping you reach out to a huge community. Tweet your followers with your link and ask them to retweet it to their followers. With Facebook, are you in any groups at all – share as far and wide as possible

7. Put your page address in your email signatures

Adding your fundraising web address to your email signature is a quick and easy win in terms of getting your page out there. It only takes doing it once and then every email that you send out will be raising more awareness of your fundraising and attracting more donations.

8. Thank people

Saying thank you is important and there is plenty of ways you can say thank you to your supporters. You can update the story on your page, send emails out to your donors, tweet a thank you and update your Facebook status. Let people know how your fundraising went, just what their support has meant to you and what a difference it will make to the charity.

9. Send follow up emails and messages

Be persistent. It takes more than one round of emails or posts on social media to reach your target. You know what it’s like – people mean to donate, but sometimes they don’t quite get round to it and they may forget to do it later. Or perhaps when you first told people about it, maybe it wasn’t a great time, but now you’re catching them just after a pay day. Keep sharing whether it’s via email, text, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - the list goes on. The more you share the more chance people will see what you are doing and remember to donate.

10. Match Funding - Ask your workplace if they can match fund your fundraising total as this will really help to maximise vital funds

11. Self-Donate 

If your page hasn’t had any donations yet, be the first to add to get the ball rolling. An empty page might be intimidating for some donors. So having a donation on the page from the get go, should encourage other supporters

Lastly - Increase your target by £100 whenever you're within £50 of reaching it as people are more likely to donate to help you reach your target.

You can contact us by email or call our Supporter Care team on 0300 790 9903, 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.