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Social media 5PostsForPets challenge

Thank you for agreeing to help Blue Cross help pets through spreading key messages via social media.

There are lots of areas of animal welfare and care that are really important to us, and we would like your help to raise awareness of them locally. 


Through social media; it could be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

How long will this take?

That depends; all the links and info you need to create a post about each topic is provided in this pack. You can do this over a short period of time or spread this out. We recommend at least a couple of days between each post to avoid flooding your followers' and friends’ news feeds.

All we ask is that you take the time to read up on each topic and then create a post on social media using this information. You may wish to focus on cats or dogs depending on your own interests. You can do them in whatever order you wish.

What do I post?

Share information directly from this pack, links from Blue Cross pages, post a news story from our site, information from our pages, post pics and videos, or even retweet/share relevant posts from our Twitter or Facebook accounts. It all helps us get the information out there locally. 

Follow us on Twitter: @the_blue_cross   @BlueCrossEdu

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COMPLETE the 5PostsforPets Challenge

The tone

Use a friendly, conversational tone. Use your own words. It’s important to make it clear that this is coming from you. Use the hashtags #5PostsForPets #NCS4Pets

What if I receive comments and questions from my friends/family/followers?

Reply if possible. Direct them to a source of more information, like the Blue Cross website.

They may ask why you’re posting so much animal-related information. Feel free to explain about the #5PostsForPets challenge #NCS4Pets social action project.
In the unlikely event that you have negative comments and you wish to seek more support in what to do/how to respond, you can contact [email protected] type 5PostsForPets in the subject line.

I’ve posted something, now what do I do?

Take a screen shot of your post and send to [email protected] with the subject header 5PostsForPets

How do I take a screenshot? 

  • On a Mac – Hold down Command, Shift and 3, the screenshot will be saved to your desktop as a file. 
  • On a PC – Press the Print Screen Key, then click into your email body and Ctrl V to paste the screen shot as a pic. 
  • On my mobile, smart phone or tablet – It does depend on the make, but most take screen shots by either holding the Volume Down and Power buttons at once, or the Home and Power buttons. The screen should flash white and then it will have saved as a photo which you can attach to an email.

This is so we can see your post and log what you’ve done. This also helps us to see how many people have posted and how they’ve shared the info. 

Also, do let us know if you get lots of likes, shares or comments on a post. We’re interested in seeing how far your posts reach and the response. 

I’ve finished all five. What now? Please keep following us, sharing, retweeting and liking our posts. 

Would you like to continue? If so, let us know and we’ll message you via email several times a year with more information on topics and events we need your help to promote. 

If you’d like to get more involved, keep your eyes peeled for other volunteering opportunities.

— Page last updated 19/12/2018