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Spot looks for home on National Star Trek Day

Spot is looking for a new home.

Spot is looking to boldly go to a new home where she can live long and prosper this National Star Trek Day, on Friday 8 September.

The eight-year-old ginger female, named after android Data’s cat in the sci-fi TV series, has been waiting for a new home at Blue Cross Cambridge for 45 days after being brought in due to a change in her previous owner’s circumstances.

Spot was a female cat and Data’s pet in the much-loved show. She lived with him while he served aboard the USS Enterprise-D and -E and he even wrote a poem about her entitled Ode to Spot.

Sarah Bates, Blue Cross Cambridge animal welfare supervisor, said: “In his poem Data referred to Spot as a true and valued friend.

“We’re sure our Spot will make someone just as loyal a companion who enjoys a fuss and exploring just like Data’s cat.

“She’s a little wary of new people so will need to go to a home with a patient new owner just like Data. But once you get to know her you’ll find out she’s a super sweet lap cat who will keep you warm as the autumn chill sets in. We hope we’ll be able to make it so for Spot and see her head off to a new home soon.”

If you can give Spot the new home she deserves click here.