Abandoned on Christmas Eve kitten Tiny Tim is safe now

a tabby and white kitten sits up inside an animal hospital kennel and looks towards the camera

An abandoned kitten is spending the festive season in the warm thanks to Blue Cross, after being dumped in the entrance of our animal hospital today on Christmas Eve.

The kitten – now named Tiny Tim – was discovered in the reception foyer of our Hammersmith animal hospital in west London.

He has no microchip, no name and no family, but is now receiving the best of care with Blue Cross vets and nurses.

Nadine Lock, Senior Vet at Blue Cross Hammersmith animal hospital, said: “We were all a bit shocked to find this little guy wandering in the foyer, no box or cat carrier.

“Thank goodness he was spotted and wasn’t able to escape. Who knows what could have happened to him.

“We understand that keeping a pet isn’t possible for everyone, but please do consider taking pets to rescue centres rather than abandoning them to fend for themselves. Tiny Tim is now in the best place and, once we take him to one of our rehoming centres outside of London, we can help him find a home after Christmas.”

Tiny Tim is now safe and warm with Blue Cross staff, who will make sure he enjoys a merry Christmas and find him a loving new family once he has recovered from his ordeal.

It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but for many like Tiny Tim, Christmas doesn’t quite go to plan. Across our rehoming centres and hospitals, homeless pets are waiting for their forever homes this festive period, being cared for by dedicated staff and volunteers who give up their Christmas days to help needy animals.

To give loving Christmas moments to pets in need, like Tiny Tim, please donate to Blue Cross by on our website or, to donate £10, text Moments to 70557 to give pets in need moments that matter this Christmas.

— Page last updated 24/12/2019