A lurcher puppy found sick, skinny, afraid and alone in a supermarket car park has had her life turned around and will spend this Christmas in a happy loving home for the first time.

Aged just three months old, May was found in the car park by a passer-by who took her to a local private vet practice. The sad puppy was not microchipped so her owners could not be found.

Emaciated lurcher puppy May gobbles down food from her bowl
On arrival: May was desperately hungry when she arrived in Blue Cross care

May was suffering from parvovirus, which can be fatal in young puppies, but as a stray the vets could not help her and she was also in grave danger of being put to sleep after seven days. Fortunately for May, Blue Cross stepped in to help as soon as we heard of her plight. We admitted her to our animal hospital in Victoria, central London, where she was immediately taken to the isolation ward to begin urgent treatment.

Alison Thomas, Head of Veterinary Services said: “When she arrived at the hospital she was extremely weak and dehydrated, just skin and bones. She was unable to keep anything down, bringing back water every time she tried to drink. It was heartbreaking to see a dog in this condition.”

May grew in strength and confidence at our rehoming centre

Because May was so weak our veterinary team were worried she would not pull through and worked around the clock to save her. It was touch and go, but she began to improve each day and after seven days of intensive care she was finally given the all clear.

We transferred the sweet girl up to our rehoming centre in Bromsgrove to begin the journey to find a home. The team worked carefully with her to help her return to full health and gain some confidence.

May is so happy with new owner Charlotte and enjoys training

Happily, it wasn’t long before she caught the eye of Charlotte Banks, who fell for her straightaway. After a few meetings May finally found her happy ending and has settled in to enjoy her first every happy Christmas in a home where she is loved.

Charlotte said: “I’d been looking for a rescue dog for a while and something about May’s picture pulled on my heartstrings. When I discovered her terrible past and how she had been so neglected and left to die, I knew I had to take her home and make up for the first few miserable months of her life. I will be giving her lots of magical moments and spoiling her rotten this Christmas and for all her Christmasses to come.” 

— Page last updated 27/11/2019