All about Eve

Photo of Eve now looking much healthier and happier

Poorly Eve was in a very sorry state when she arrived at Blue Cross, but we knew just what to do to get this young dog back on her paws…

Eve must have been terrified when she found herself all alone on the street at just 10 months old.

She waited with the dog warden for her owner to claim her, but no one came forward to take her home.

We couldn’t leave the poorly young girl all on her own so we took her in and offered to care for her until she was ready to find a new home.

Poorly peepers

When we first met her, Eve could hardly see. Her skin was red raw too, and she was struggling to walk because she was in so much pain.

The worried Shar Pei was clearly finding it difficult to know who to trust, but she managed to give us a little wag of her tail. Perhaps she knew she was finally safe in the hands of people who would give her the care she so urgently needed.

Photo of dog Eve on arrival at Blue Cross, looking very thin with red and sore skin
Eve looked hungry and sore when she first arrived at our Thirsk rehoming centre

Poor Eve was suffering from several bacterial skin infections, as well as mange.

Her painful eye condition had caused her eyelid to turn inwards and she will need a ‘face lift’ to make her more comfortable once her skin gets better.

In the meantime, we are giving Eve fake tears to keep her eyes moist and stop her from suffering any more pain. Her ears, too, are infected, so we are treating these as well.

Bright future

Despite being in such a bad way and frightened by her ordeal, Eve is proving herself to be a joyful young dog after just a month of Blue Cross care.

She is a happy girl who has been enjoying the spring sunshine on her poorly skin, and it is wonderful to watch her skip cheerily across the grass when it’s time for a walk.

Emma Pannell, Blue Cross Thirsk Rehoming Centre Manager said: “Eve has proven to be a really trusting and affectionate little dog and is extremely tolerant of creams and drops being applied to her every day.

“She enjoys playing with soft toys. She hasn't quite grasped fetch yet but it's lovely to see her charging around with a teddy in her mouth.”

Eve loves her foster carers and will run up to them for a fuss and a cuddle.

Because of her conditions we’ve worked hard to find Eve a very a special home where she will continue to have special baths and medication for the rest of her life.

She is now in a loving home and is getting the care and attention she’s never had before.

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Photo of dog Eve running happily around Thirsk rehoming centre garden with a toy
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