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All quiet on the rehoming front for deaf pups

Photo of four deaf puppies

They’re completely adorable and full of fun - but no one wanted to take them home.

Six-week-old puppies Glacier, Goldie, Gumdrop and Greta were facing lonely lives without anyone to love them because they are deaf.

Maria Steel, Manager at the Blue Cross rehoming centre in Nothiam, East Sussex, says: “They have had a lot less interest than a litter of puppies usually would. Some people are worried that they might be too difficult to train, can’t be called back and won’t be unable to live a ‘normal’ life, but a deaf dog only has one of the five senses missing and can make up for this much better than you might imagine.

“Puppies are sponges for learning and there’s no reason why Glacier, Goldie, Gumdrop and Greta can’t learn all the behaviours that a hearing dog can and grow up to become excellent family pets.”

The four playful pups were taken to Blue Cross because their owner was being evicted and could no longer care for them.

We gave these gorgeous girls a big publicity push and found them all loving new homes.

— Page last updated 6/08/2015