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Archie’s Christmas wish finally comes true

In the run up to Christmas last year, Archie waited patiently for someone to take him home. The team at our Lewknor rehoming centre even took him to visit Santa, in a bid to give the lovable lurcher faith that his yuletide dream would come true.

Our team at Blue Cross Lewknor even took Archie to meet Father Christmas at a local garden centre to cheer him up as he waited for his forever home

But as the festivities drew closer hope began to fade for this poor boy, who on December 25 last year, had spent a heartbreaking 194 days in our care.

And while our team showered him with plenty of affection, his kennel just wasn’t the same as a real home filled with love, joy and festive cheer.

Although disheartened and finding it increasingly hard to cope with kennel life, sprightly Archie remained upbeat, and his wish eventually came true – albeit a little late – on January 15 this year.

Since going home with Amanda Farmer, her partner Jim and her daughter Isobel, he knows that he’ll never have to spend another Christmas alone in a kennel again.

As the two-year-old curls up beside them on the sofa this festive season, it will be a fitting end to what has been an incredible year for Archie – and his new family.

Amanda said: “We’re really looking forward to spending our first Christmas with Archie.

“I expect he’ll be spoilt rotten, he’ll get lots of new toys and a couple of new jumpers – as he really feels the cold!

“We’ll be having a family Christmas which includes the other dogs in the family. My mother-in-law and brother-in-law have Labradors and Archie adores them, so they’ll have a nice time playing together.

“We had quite a sad Christmas last year as it was just after we had to have our last dog put to sleep. It was quite soon after that that we decided to get another dog and that’s when we found Archie.”

Some snaps from Archie's holiday album...

Archie has enjoyed a summer full of holidays with his new family. Left to right he is pictured "running like the wind" in Devon, paddling in Lake Windermere in the Lake District and admiring the views during a hilly walk in the Peak District

The sprightly lurcher had grown up in a loving home before coming to Blue Cross but his high energy levels became too much for his owners to handle and they made the heartbreaking decision to rehome him.

But the team at our Lewknor rehoming centre made huge progress in building on Archie’s training which has continued in his new home.

One of the things he was most nervous of was getting into a car, but he’s now overcome this fear and has even enjoyed a variety of holidays over the course of the year.

“My partner and I have a campervan so he had a summer of adventures with us touring around the Peak District, Yorkshire Dales and then another two weeks in Norfolk," said Amanda.

“He was running about, climbing mountains and exploring the beach – it was lovely to watch. He’s even been to a festival!”

While he’s back at home, he enjoys long walks in the countryside and "running like the wind" through the snow at a local nature reserve.

Archie in front of the Christmas tree which has just gone up in his new home.

“We have been walking him quite a lot in the nature reserve near us and there’s a big field where we can let him off the lead. He loves running - he is so fast, he looks like a greyhound! His recall is really good and we’re working on that further," said Amanda.

“I don’t know why he was waiting so long for a home, it’s a real shame. And I understand he was starting to not cope very well in kennels.

“He didn’t seem nervous at all when he came home, just quite excited to be here. I had put treats all over the place and he had a toy box", said Amanda.

“He spent the first hour or two sniffing around the flat, and soon found his place on the sofa. He likes to sit there and likes to sleep on my bed, even though he's got his own bed in the living room and in my bedroom!

Although it took Archie longer than most to find their forever home – 228 days, in fact – it seems it was worth the long wait for dog and his owners.

“He’s bouncy, really affectionate and really friendly. He loves people and he loves other dogs. He’s full of energy and full of life, just a really fun chap," Amanda added.

Rebecca White, Animal Welfare Assistant at Lewknor, said: "We’re so pleased to see Archie spending his first Christmas in his new home. While we did everything we could to bring him a bit of happiness last year, it was no substitute for a loving family and he had become very downhearted.

"We just can’t believe that this lovely boy spent so long waiting for his fresh start, but we’re so glad his Christmas wish finally came true and he found the perfect family for him. Merry Christmas, Archie!”

— Page last updated 8/12/2016