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Best friends Luke and Oscar find home where they can stay together

Just a few months ago, life-long best friends Oscar and Luke were facing the heartbreaking prospect of being separated after their elderly owner died and his family had to give them up.

But the inseparable pair couldn’t be happier now, curling up together beside their new family on the sofa and enjoying a good fuss between walks at nearby parks and woodlands.

They had been at our Kimpton rehoming centre in Hertfordshire for more than two months before the Piercys saw their adorable photos on our website and decided to pay them a visit.

Luke and Oscar have always lived together and are an inseparable pair but waited months for a new home.

But seeing them in a loving home together was a day Blue Cross feared may not happen.

While there had been plenty of interest in eight-year-old grey Yorkshire terrier Luke, seven-year-old Oscar’s ongoing ear problems had been putting potential owners off taking them on as a pair.

When the white Maltese terrier arrived at our rehoming centre, his ears were chronically infected and causing him lots of pain – the condition is now under control, but he needs regular treatment.

They’re already part of the family. We couldn’t imagine being without them now." Jeff

Although rehoming them separately was always going to be a last resort, our team had started trying to get them used to spending a little bit of time apart as it was looking like a home where they could stay together may not be found.

And no sooner had they began to do that than Claire and Jeff walked through the door.

“We weren’t looking for two dogs, but it was more about making sure we chose the right dog for us – and both Luke and Oscar were lovely,” said Claire.

“You couldn’t have separated them. They really look out for each other.”

Oscar, a white Maltese terrier, came to Blue Cross suffering with a chronic ear infection and it had been putting potential owners off rehoming him alongside Luke.

Luke and Oscar have now been at their new home in Essex for three months, and haven’t looked back since walking through the front door for the first time.

“They’ve settled in really quick. They just identified with us straight away, and didn’t want us to leave. Every time any of us got up they’d follow us, although they have got a lot more relaxed now.”

It’s enhanced their family, too. “It’s got us out doing things together a lot more, going for walks as a family,” said Claire.

Jeff added: “They’ve been a really good addition, it’s all been so positive. They’ve responded to us well and, although they’ve only been here for a short time, they’re already part of the family. We couldn’t imagine being without them now.”

Claire, Jeff and their three teenage children fell in love with the canine duo instantly – and it’s clear that the feeling is mutual. The dogs know they’ve found their forever home, and they rarely leave their owners’ sides.

Oscar and Luke couldn't be happier in their new home with Claire, Jeff and family

Luke and Oscar’s elderly owner was living in Spain when he got them as puppies, but moved to England soon after. When he died, they went to live with his son but he then had to return to Spain.

Gemma Willgoss, Animal Welfare Assistant at Blue Cross Kimpton, said: “When Oscar and Luke moved over here they lived in the countryside, so they hadn’t been socialised much or been exposed to a lot of situations. They could get quite worried and scared around new things, but they had grown a lot in confidence before they went to their new home.”

And it seems that they have made huge progress in their short time with the Piercy family.

Claire said: “When we took them out on walks at first, they were really nervous of other dogs and were scared to walk past them. They’re still a little bit timid but are fine around other dogs now, and have even made some friends."

“We’ve taken them to local parks, to a forest and they’ve also had a day at the beach. They love the car as well, we put their seatbelts on and they just sit there looking out of the window,” said Jeff.

Luke and Oscar can now look forward to continuing their happy life together with a loving family.

“They have been so good. I really think they just needed a bond with someone,” added Claire.

And Blue Cross couldn’t be happier to see them doing so well either.

Gemma added: “Luke had so much interest but sadly Oscar was holding him back for a while. We’re so pleased that we were able to find them a home together, as they have always had each other.

“They are best friends and have a really close bond, so we’re so happy this can continue.”

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