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Is this Britain’s loudest cat?

A homeless Blue Cross cat has been dubbed Britain’s loudest moggy.

Bluey’s purr measures an ear-piercing 93 decibels – louder than the current Guinness world record holder, a cat from Northampton whose purr is 92dB.

The average cat purrs at 25dB. But 12-year-old Bluey’s purr is as loud as a tube train at 93dB, louder than a busy office at 70dB, and just shy of a 250cc motorbike at 95dB.

Claire Thomas, Animal Welfare Assistant, said: “We’ve never had a cat in our care with a purr as loud as Bluey’s. We thought it would be fun to see just how loud it is so we recorded it and it reached 93 decibels at its loudest, which is very impressive!

“Bluey purrs all the time. She just has to see someone and she starts purring. She purrs when she’s playing and she purrs when she’s eating. She’s such a happy, friendly cat.”

The clamorous kitty arrived at the Blue Cross rehoming centre in Cambridge last month after her owner had to go into care. She is now looking forward to going to her new home with a family who appreciate her powerful but contented purr.

Claire adds: “We think Bluey is a little deaf, but that doesn’t stop her enjoying life. She will make such a loving companion.”

Good luck in your new home Bluey!

— Page last updated 28/05/2015