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Bunnies are better together

Rabbits George and Persephone

When rabbit George’s owner had to move and couldn’t take him with them, we set about finding him a home where he would be happiest – with another bunny.

Gorgeous girl Persephone was lonely without a friend, and her owner was on the lookout for another rabbit to keep her company.

The team at our Lewknor rehoming centre helped three-and-a-half-year-old Lionhead George and Persephone’s owner to bond them by introducing the neutered pair slowly and sensibly. Now, they both enjoy spending their days together.

Perfect pairing

When Persephone was living on her own, she often tried to escape from her run by digging, but now she has a companion, this behaviour has stopped.

Rebecca White, Animal Welfare Assistant at Blue Cross Lewknor, said: “Rabbits are naturally sociable therefore they need companionship of their own kind. In the wild they live with other rabbits so why shouldn’t they in a home environment?

“They will be much more content living in either a pair or a compatible group. If they are kept alone they can become very lonely which can result in behaviour problems.

“The best combination is a neutered male and a neutered female as this will prevent any accidental pregnancies and fighting. Two litter brothers or two litter sisters will also get on well.”

We’re thrilled that George and Persephone have found each other. If you have a lone rabbit, they may be lonely. Why not consider giving a homeless bun a home?

Find out more about bonding rabbits on our advice pages.

— Page last updated 17/10/2016