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Cat Duffy burnt in shocking act of cruelty

Photo of cat Duffy after she was deliberately burnt with a lighter. Her nose is blistered and sore.

We’re dumbfounded by a deplorable case of cruelty that left a homeless cat needing our help.

Terrified and in pain, Duffy was found hiding in a hollow tree stump in a city centre park. Shockingly, the four-year-old cat had been burnt by a cigarette lighter on her delicate nose.

Photo of Duffy as her nose is blistered
Duffy's nose is left blistered and sore after the attack

This deliberate act has left Duffy with injuries to her nose that are not only painful, but have left burnt skin tissue blocking one of her nostrils, meaning she had been struggling to breathe properly.

Her whiskers too have been damaged through burning and left singed.

Despite attempts to find an owner, no one came forward so she is now in the care of our Cumbria Foster Team and is seeking a new home.

Alyson Jones, Head of Rehoming at Blue Cross said: “This act of deliberate cruelty is very sad and it is difficult to understand how people can justify their actions. 

“We are glad that Duffy in safe hands now and getting over her ordeal.”

Despite this terrible treatment by humans, Duffy is a sweet and friendly cat.

Visit Duffy’s rehoming profile to find out more about her and offer her the loving home she deserves.

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— Page last updated 1/09/2015