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Couple “over the moon” to be reunited with cat missing for six months thanks to Blue Cross

Keith and Christine Shearman reunited with black and white cat Lupin

A retired couple is “over the moon” to have their cat who was missing for half a year back home where she belongs, thanks to Blue Cross.

Keith and Christine Shearman were devastated when they returned from a shopping trip to find their cat Lupin gone last September.

Keith said: “We’d had Lupin and her twin sister Tonks since they were kittens. She’s a lovely friendly cat and would always love to sit on the windowsill and see what was going on outside.

“We call them the bookends as I would sit on the sofa with Lupin on my lap and my wife would sit at the other end with Tonks on her lap. 

Keith and Christine Shearman cuddle black and white cat Lupin
Keith and Christine Shearman were delighted to be reunited with Lupin after Blue Cross scanned her for a microchip

“We were devastated when she didn’t come back. She’s such a cute little cat, we hoped she might come home but she never did and we just lost all hope of ever seeing her again.”

But last month the retired couple, who live in Mitcham, Surrey, received a phone call from Blue Cross animal hospital in Merton, saying Lupin, who was microchipped, had been found.

As with all pets who come into our care, we scanned Lupin for a microchip when she was handed into us, and were able to track down her owners.

Elise Smith, Veterinary Nurse at our Merton hospital said: "We’re so happy to have reunited her with her owners after such a long time.

"This just goes to show how incredibly important microchipping is. It is also very important to keep your details up to date on your pet's microchip.”

Keith, who also has two Jack Russell terriers called Rosie and Sid, said: “We couldn’t believe it. We thought she’d maybe been taken by someone or something even worse had happened as there had been reports of attacks on cats at the time like the Croydon cat killer and we have foxes in our area too.

“When we got to the hospital in Merton we couldn’t believe it was Lupin. We were so happy to see her. Now she’s back home and back to her own self. We’re over the moon to have her back.”

Blue Cross recommends getting your cat, dog or rabbit microchipped and making sure the details are up to date, so that if they ever go missing, they can be returned to you.

— Page last updated 16/03/2017