​Destination home for unwanted hamsters

Hamsters Bert and Ernie at Torbay in their sandbath

A train ride was the start of a journey to a new home for unwanted hamster mates, Bert and Ernie.

The Russian dwarf hamsters were given to a stranger on a train by their owner who could no longer care for them, and soon arrived in the care of our Blue Cross.

Hamster Bert enjoys a cuddle in a jumper sleeve
Hamster Bert enjoys exploring his fosterer's sleeve

Joanne Dempsey, an Animal Welfare Assistant from our Torbay rehoming centre, said: “Bert and Ernie haven’t had the best start to life, and as a result they are very overweight and have a few fatty lumps and abscesses.

“We’re making sure they get the treatment they need and are keeping them safe and warm in a foster home until they are well enough to find a new home.”

Thanks to support from donations, we were able to treat the two boys with antibiotics.

We also placed them on a strict diet with plenty of exercise to help them shift some weight.

Joanne said: “They are extremely sweet and don’t seem to mind being handled. Bert particularly loves to cuddle up in a pocket or a sleeve!”

Both boys’ nails were quite long when they arrived and they didn’t know how to climb, so we’re not sure if they have ever enjoyed climbing and clambering around. 

We’ve been making sure they have lots of playtime and they both enjoy rolling around in the sand bath, although Ernie finds it a bit tricky to roll. They also love time out in the exercise balls and running around on the floor. 

Once Bert and Ernie had been given the all-clear from the vet, we found the little critters a loving home where they’re enjoying getting lots of fuss.

— Page last updated 08/01/2016