Ginger cat Brian sitting on a blue chair looking up into the distance

'Dinosaur' cat on the mend

A cat rescued from the streets with a matted coat that made him look like a dinosaur is now enjoying a fresh start.

Brian at the vets having the clumps of hair that resembled dinosaur scales clipped off on the operating table
Brian having the clumps of fur removed

Brian, 14, was found wandering the streets alone with huge, matted clumps of fur along his back resembling the scales of a stegosaurus.

The ginger tomcat had been straying for at least seven months before being taken to a vet practice in Oxfordshire which then asked Blue Cross to care for him.

He had to be clipped, groomed, and bathed under anaesthetic and needed treatment for several other health issues.

Elisha Webber, Animal Welfare Assistant at Burford, says: “Poor Brian was in such a sorry state when he arrived with us.

“He was severely matted along his spine, dehydrated, and was covered in fleas and ticks. He also needed extensive dental work and some teeth removed.

“He takes time to build trust in people since being homeless but he’s a very sweet-natured boy. He enjoys his food and loves to curl up in a nice warm spot.”

Brian was also neutered to stop him from straying in the future. Once he was well enough, we found him a wonderful new home where is he now being showered with the love he deserves.

Ginger tomcat Brian looking into the camera
Brian has now found a wonderful new home
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