Black Labrador puppy in his bed looking to camera

From puppy scam pawn to prized pet

Young Milo started life as a helpless pawn in a cruel breeder’s puppy scam. 

The eight-week-old black Labrador pup was sold as a cockerpoo to an unsuspecting elderly couple, who soon realised they had been duped into handing over money for an entirely different dog. 

Presumably, the scammer thought they could command more money for a cockerpoo as they cashed in further on a huge surge in demand for puppies that has continued throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

But as lovely as Milo was, the couple didn’t have a garden nor the strength and energy to raise a much-larger puppy into a happy, well-behaved and confident dog.

Unsurprisingly, the so-called breeder didn’t answer their calls and so they turned to Blue Cross for help.  

Our Southampton rehoming centre in Hampshire quickly stepped in and found a foster home for sweet Milo, so that he could continue to get the socialisation he needed in a home environment.

Black Labrador sitting with someone holding a treat in front of his nose

Kennels are no place for a youngster like him, as puppies need to get used to the many different sights and sounds they will encounter in everyday life before the age of 12 weeks, such as the sound of a vacuum or a TV.

This is because anything new they encounter beyond this point, including people and other animals, may be approached with caution or – at worst – fear. 

Kim Simpson, Animal Welfare Assistant at Southampton, said: “Thankfully, Milo was in good condition when he arrived in our care, but we do worry about the conditions he may have been raised in, given how unscrupulous the person selling him was. 

Black Labrador puppy in garden chewing a rope toy
Milo getting some much-needed playtime in the garden

“The con-artist went to great lengths to disguise their scam and even sent the couple who bought him a video of Milo with an adult poodle, claiming it was his mum. 

“But despite this, Milo was your typical, bouncy and inquisitive Labrador puppy and we found him a wonderful foster home where we knew he would get all the care, play and attention he needed to thrive.”

Naturally, Milo’s foster carer fell in love straight away and soon offered to give him the permanent home he so desperately needed.

Milo up close looking at camera
Milo is now in a wonderful home

Kim added: “Milo had already known three homes before he was even 10 weeks old, so we were really happy when his foster carer offered to adopt him as it meant there was no more moving about or upheaval for him.

Kim added: “He’s settled in perfectly and couldn’t be happier in his new home.”

Black Labrador snuggled up on the sofa looking to camera
We expect to be picking up the pieces caused by this puppy ‘pandemic’ for many years to come. And, it’s thanks to supporters like you, that we’ll continue to be here to give second chances to dogs like Milo. 
— Page last updated 15/10/2021