In a crisis, our doors are always open – and now, we can help even more sick and injured pets as we open four new pet care clinics...

It was a phone call no pet owner wants to receive. Caschella Teague answered to be told her beloved young cat Toothless was at the vet’s having been found lying in a hedge after being hit by a car. His leg was broken and he was in a very bad way.

Our new clinics mean we can help 2,780 more pets next year.

“We scanned Toothless for a microchip and contacted Caschella,” says Eyal Opher, Veterinary Surgeon.

Caschella explains: “He had a problem with his kidney and I was facing him being put to sleep. I really don’t know what I’d have done without Blue Cross.”

We were there to help Toothless get back on his paws thanks to our Cwmbran pet care clinic in South Wales. The clinic is open to pets belonging to people in the local area who are unable to afford private fees.

Adele Morgan, Receptionist at Summerdale Veterinary Centre where our Cwmbran clinic is based, said: “People may have fallen on hard times, be facing illness or redundancy and may not be able to afford private fees, so the clinic means we can really help the local community here.”

Because our clinics operate in partnership with private practices, we don’t have to build brand new facilities which means more of our funds can go straight towards helping pets in need. Cwmbran has been up and running for a year, and we’re excited to be opening four new clinics this spring, in Ashford (Kent), Luton, Torbay and York.

Anne and Mike White have been bringing their beloved Chinese crested powderpuff, Polo, to the Cwmbran clinic for help with his teeth.

Mike says: “We’re pensioners now and we can’t afford private prices. I love my dog. I’ve always said if you have a dog, you’ve got to look after them. You’ve got to look after them as best you can. If the new clinics are half as good as the vets here, we’d definitely recommend them.”

— Page last updated 19/03/2018