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Hit and run cat Glenda’s remarkable recovery

A cat found lying on a south London road with terrible injuries has amazed Blue Cross vets and nurses with her recovery. 

Glenda was most likely hit by a car as she had fractured her pelvis and, when she was found, she couldn’t walk and had no feeling in her tail. 

She was rushed from Putney to our Victoria animal hospital where we gave her pain relief and nursed her.

We were very concerned that the young cat wouldn’t pull through as she was so badly injured and very distressed but, after five days in hospital, she got the feeling back in her tail and was able to use her litter tray again. 

Glenda had surgery to repair the fracture with a plate, which helped to ease her pain and speed up her recovery. 

Blue Cross Nurse Manager Annette Bullock says: “Now Glenda is walking and has amazed us all with how well she has progressed in such a short space of time.

“We were really worried about her but she’s doing very well and is a lovely young girl.”

We hoped that someone would come forward to claim Glenda, but sadly they didn’t. As she wasn’t microchipped, we couldn’t contact her owners to let her know that we were taking care of her. 

Once Glenda had recuperated, we found her a loving new home. 

— Page last updated 22/05/2015