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A home at last for overlooked cat Archie

Photo of cat Archie sitting on the stairs in his new home

Poor Archie was being overlooked time and time again but now he’s found his purrfect pad… 

No one could understand why Archie was having such a tough time of it. Whenever he saw someone outside his cat kennel the lovable moggy would fall off his shelf with excitement, desperate to say hello, but still no one wanted to take him home. 

After more than a year in Blue Cross care, at different rehoming centres so he could meet as many potential new families as possible and a foster home to give him a break from cattery life, five-year-old Archie’s luck still hadn’t changed. 

Caroline Thompson, Deputy Manager at our Thirsk centre, says: “Archie is lovely but he was getting overlooked by the prettier, younger and more extrovert cats, which was such a shame because he absolutely loves people and attention. In fact, one time we were giving him a fuss and a groom and he toppled right off his shelf because he was enjoying it so much. We simply couldn’t understand why he was still with us after all this time.” 

A national appeal 

As 2013 neared its end, we were determined to find Archie a family soon so that he didn’t have to spend yet another Christmas without a home of his own, so we launched a nationwide appeal. After reading about his plight online, Debbie Gardner got in touch. 

Debbie explains: “I ‘like’ the Blue Cross Facebook page so Archie’s story and photo popped up on my news feed. Having recently lost my own cat it felt like fate. I got in touch with the centre to find out more about Archie and arrange to meet him.” 

It was a match made in heaven and, after a 14 month wait, we were absolutely delighted to wave Archie off to his new home in Harrogate, North Yorkshire before the year was out.  

Settling in 

Archie is now enjoying his home comforts again and has settled into family life well. Debbie says: “Archie loves to spend his days snoozing upstairs and then popping down to say hello and have a nose around. He moans if you don’t give him enough attention. 

“He likes to sleep on the bed with us and enjoys a fuss at night before bedtime. He’s a happy cat and you’d think he’d been here forever.”

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When I met Debbie, I was really excited but I didn’t want to get my hopes up in case she didn’t like me. I was so happy when she decided to take me home and I’m loving my new place. I’ve got everything I need now: a warm home, comfy bed, regular meals and fuss whenever I want it. They say there’s no place like home and I couldn’t agree more. Archie