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Home is where the heart is for Ruby and Mia

Photo of Cavalier King Charles spaniels Ruby and Mia enjoying the park

Two loving dogs have found a loving new home despite their heart problems threatening to put potential owners off.

Heart scans revealed that cavalier King Charles spaniels Ruby and Mia both have heart murmurs, which are common in the breed.

Theresa Lovegrove, an Animal Welfare Assistant from the Blue Cross rehoming centre in Lewknor, Oxon, said: “Ruby the red cavalier is nine years old and Mia the black and tan cavalier is eight years old, and they both have quite high graded heart murmurs.

“Ruby's heart is worse than Mia's and unfortunately vets have estimated that she may start to go into heart failure in approximately a year and will require medication for this.”

It can be tricky to find homes for pets with health problems and we were worried that the girls’ condition might stop new owners from coming forward, but Ruby and Mia went off to begin their new lives this week with Mr and Mrs Weber. Their new owners will receive ongoing support with the dogs’ veterinary care from the charity and the pair will enjoy a fantastic quality of life.

Theresa adds: “We would not be able to offer this without our supporters.

“Everyone who donates to Blue Cross has enabled Ruby and Mia to be rehomed and enjoy a healthy new life in a happy home with owners who will take great care of them and who will have our support if and when needed.”

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Blue Cross supporters for helping us to find loving new homes for thousands of pets each year. We couldn’t do it without you.

— Page last updated 29/05/2015