Eddie in his basket being stroked by a member of the team

Kitten found abandoned in laundry basket

Dumped in the middle of the road in an old laundry basket, three-month-old Eddie must have been terrified. Thank goodness he didn’t flee into the path of a car.

The kind woman who found him asked about the neighbourhood, to see if anyone knew who he belonged to, but he remained unclaimed – so she took him home. 

However, she soon realised she could not give the black and white kitten the care he needed and called our Hertfordshire rehoming team.

Eddie peeking out from behind one of his toys

Although the centre is currently being rebuilt, the dedicated team have continued to help pets through our Home Direct scheme and our network of fostering volunteers.

Animal Welfare Assistant, Sarah Miller, said: “Within the space of 30 minutes, a colleague and I got into the car and went and collected the kitten from the lady’s home.

“When we got back to the office, we scanned the kitten to see if he had a microchip; and also looked on local social media pages to see if there was any mention of lost kittens. But there were no recent posts and sadly he did not have a microchip”. 

The team decided to call him Eddie and Centre Manager Kellie Brooks offered to take the sweet boy home to give him the love and comfort he needed. Luckily, a vet check confirmed that Eddie was fit and healthy.

Eddie lying in his basket looking up, with one paw in the air

Sarah continued: “Eddie was in good condition, very friendly with people and loved to play so we don’t think he’d been homeless for long. Once he was in foster with Kellie, his personality started to shine through - he was very adventurous and into everything.” 

The team found Eddie could be quite excitable during play, so looked to find him a new home where his energy could be channelled the best way.

“He needed to find a home where he could be given lots of time and stimulation” explained Sarah. 

After a couple of weeks, Eddie went on to find just that and he hasn’t looked back since.

Eddie playing with ball

The redeveloped cattery at our Kimpton site will have almost twice as many pens, each with outdoor access, so we’ll be able to help even more cats like Eddie when they have nowhere else to turn. This has all been made possible by our wonderful supporters, and we are nearly at the sum we need to complete the work. See why this work is so crucial to improving the lives of pets.

— Page last updated 11/02/2021