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Meet our Trustees: Jeremy Stewart

Trustee Jeremy Stewart and horse Billy

Why did you choose to volunteer for Blue Cross? 

Having previously worked in the charity sector for nine years after I first qualified and then not having been involved with charity work in the subsequent fifteen years, I felt it was time to get involved with charity work again. I was very excited by the opportunity when I was asked if I was interested in applying for a Trustee position.

Trustee Jeremy Stewart and cat Thing 1
Jeremy with his much-loved cat Thing 1, named after a Dr Seuss character

What are your duties in your role as a Blue Cross Trustee? 

I sit on two committees, Sedco and Comco, and attend quarterly Board meetings where I specifically advise on clinical matters and organisational issues affecting a very large veterinary charity. I also regularly attend development days for Blue Cross employees.

What is your professional background? 

I qualified as a vet from the RVC in London in 1991 and worked for the RSPCA for nine years at the Harmsworth Animal Hospital in north London which is a small animal hospital. In 2000 I joined the Goddard Veterinary Group where I have remained to this day. I am the Head Vet at the Mandeville Veterinary Hospital and the Head of Region for the north-west region of the Goddard Veterinary Group. I have a certificate in radiology and I have a specific interest in diagnostic imaging and surgery.

For how long have you been a Trustee?

For two years.

Trustee Jeremy Stewart and his pony

What do you enjoy most about being a Blue Cross Trustee?

I enjoy working for a fantastic charity that does a great job across all species of pets, which has a growing and well-founded reputation for excellence in the animal charity sector and with the general public as a whole.

Tell us about your own pets!

I have a five-month-old Dalmatian puppy called Bertie.  I have two rescue kittens called Thing 1 and Thing 2 (from my daughters’ favourite bedtime story The Cat In The Hat by Dr Seuss) who were hand-reared by the nurses at the Mandeville Veterinary Hospital from day-old neonates.  I also have four horses – Billy (our eventer), Max (an ex-racehorse) and Henrietta and Brockie (my daughters’ ponies).    

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