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Meet our Trustees: Vicky Hemming

Trustee Vicky Hemming with whippets

Why did you choose to volunteer for Blue Cross? 

I joined Blue Cross because I love animals. I grew up with dogs, Dalmatians and Labradors, and I rode horses regularly up to the point that my children were born and I was no longer able to find the time. Within my own family I have seen the huge benefits brought by the companionship of animals, principally of dogs, and the support they have provided at times of anxiety and change.

What is your professional background? 

For the majority of my career I have worked in charities, and always in HR. I joined Blue Cross in 2015 and in my role as a Trustee I have been able to share my professional knowledge, but also contribute to discussions and planning around the future of Blue Cross and in particular how we can best support and develop our superb staff teams.

Tell us about your pets!

We have two whippets, brother and sister from the same litter. I love their elegance and watching their joy when they are running absolutely flat out, and then the contrast when they come back and curl up on the sofa and are the gentlest and calmest dogs in the world.

— Page last updated 20/10/2016