An elderly cat is searching for a loving home after the only owner he has ever known passed away.

Muffin, 14, was brought to our Southampton rehoming centre last month and has been given lots of love from the team to help him cope during this sad and confusing time.

Thankfully, the Birman was registered on the Blue Cross Pets into Care Scheme, which gives owners peace of mind should they die before their four-legged friends and ensures that the relatives left behind know exactly where to bring them.

Muffin on chair holding up paw
Muffin is at his happiest when he has cuddles and company

When he arrived at Blue Cross, Muffin had a number of health issues which he needed to overcome before we could start the search for his new home.

But the kidney condition he suffers from is now under control through medication and diet, and he is now searching for a home where he can live out the rest of his days.

Dani Smith, Animal Welfare Assistant at Southampton, said: “It must be a sad and confusing time for Muffin, but thankfully things were made a little easier for him to cope with due to his owner planning for the worst by signing him up to our Pets into Care Scheme."

Muffin getting a fuss from someone at Blue Cross
It must be a sad and confusing time for Muffin, but his owner's preparation ensured that he has been well cared for since her death

Dani continued: "He has settled in well at the centre well and has been given lots of love. He doesn’t enjoy being shut in anywhere and prefers to wander around or find a window sill to gaze out of, so we’ve tried to give him as much time out of his pen as possible.

“He’s an absolutely lovely and incredibly affectionate cat, so clearly must have been very close to his owner.

"He ideally needs a home where someone is around most of the time. We really hope that we can find him another home where he can live out the rest of his days being showered with the kind of love he has been so used to.”

Could you give Muffin the loving home he deserves?

Find out more about the Blue Cross Pets into Care Scheme.

Muffin lounging on a chair looking at the camera

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