Blossom lounging on the bed of her new home

One-eyed cat finds happy home

A homeless one-eyed cat has started the year in a new loving home, thanks to Blue Cross.

Blossom came into our Cambridge rehoming centre after a kind member of the public found the white cat in their garden and was worried by the condition of her eye.

On arrival at Blue Cross, vets found the 11-year-old white cat not only had a sunken right eye but also a urine infection.

Enophthalmos, the veterinary term for a sunken eye, is a condition in which an animal’s eyeball sinks deeper than normal into the eye socket. This can be a congenital condition from birth, it can occur gradually as the result of a disease, or it can happen suddenly as a result of trauma.

Blossom lounging around in her new home
Vets had to remove Blossom's eye to get her on the mend

Vets made the decision to remove the eye and her infection was treated with antibiotics.

Poor Blossom was in need of plenty of TLC as she recovered and was fostered by centre Supervisor, Sarah Bates – and it was love at first sight.

Sarah said: “I had recently lost my cat Alfred who had to be put to sleep after being sadly hit by a car. I was adamant I wasn’t ready for another pet as it hurts when they aren’t around anymore.

“Well I had 10 days or so off work and, when I went back, my manager Clare said: ‘Oh we have a very poorly cat due in today’ and to prepare things for the cat here in case they needed to go to the vets.

“The minute the volunteer driver dropped her off I had an odd heart-warming moment, you would think I get them a lot with the amounts of cats I see but it was the first time ever in four years of working at Blue Cross.

“I took her down to her pen and weighed her, but the best moment was when she jumped out of her carrier and curled straight up on my lap; as if to say I’m safe now.

Blossom with new owner, Sarah Bates
It was love at first sight for Sarah and Blossom

“I played it cool for a few days, popping down to see her on my breaks, but finally mentioned to Clare that I would be interested in fostering until her eye removal surgery was done.

“My colleague Pauline mentioned many times that she could tell I liked Blossom as I never really go down to the cats on my breaks as I like to keep from falling in love too often!

“She has the cutest tongue sticking out, dribbling, one eyed face that when it came to her being ready to find a forever home I just couldn’t face her leaving, so I decided to permanently adopt her.

“Her favourite thing to do is snuggle under my heater in the living room or get under my pillows on the bed, thought I lost her once but found her very happily sleeping there.

“I absolutely love her and she is utterly spoilt, the best part of 2020 was meeting my new companion.”

— Page last updated 08/02/2021