Pandemic puppy finds loving home

Peggy sitting next to a wooden chest, wearing a Blue Cross harness and looking to the camera
Peggy in foster care

Like many young dogs, Peggy's life started at the height of lockdown – so her early experiences of the world were very different to normal.

Sadly, this caused her to develop behavioural problems, including separation anxiety and the guarding of objects and areas of the home.

At their wit's end and about to start returning to work, her owners contacted our Blue Cross centre in Thirsk, Yorkshire, for help.

After speaking to one of our behaviourists, they decided to place Peggy in our care so that she could get the help she needed to overcome her fears and find a new, more suitable home.

Animal Welfare Assistant, Jenny Day, took her on and worked with the centre’s behaviourists to get to the bottom of Peggy's issues.

Jenny said: “It took a lot of patience to help Peggy gain some confidence and find her feet.

"She took her time to settle in and start to trust us. We worked with her slowly until she started to show her true self  – a fantastic little dog who is playful and very clever.

"We are delighted to have found her an understanding home where she will continue to feel supported.” 

The miniature poodle, cavalier king Charles spaniel, bichon frise cross has settled into her new home well and she now looks forward to a happy adult life, thanks to Blue Cross.

We will continue to provide behavioural support to her owners, if needed, for the rest of her life – as do all pets rehomed by Blue Cross.

Jenny added: “Peggy’s previous owners did exactly the right thing by contacting us before taking drastic action.

"We fear many other owners who took on a pandemic pet will find themselves in a similar situation as people return to their workplaces. Owners concerned or struggling to cope are advised to contact Blue Cross or another reputable charity for support.”

— Page last updated 02/09/2021