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Pony passion

Charlotte and Perry

How Blue Cross pony Perry has helped young Charlotte regain her confidence and get back in the saddle...

An encounter with a previous pony knocked eight-year-old Charlotte Adshead-Curnock’s confidence. However, since rehoming Blue Cross Perry eighteen months ago, the horse lover has jumped at the chance to get back in the saddle.

“I do a lot of dressage competitions, and we’re going to start going back to a bit of jumping competitions; only low though,” Charlotte explained when we caught up with the pair at the stables.

“I want Perry to be a movie star. He is well behaved and he has a really big jump in him,” she added.

The pair competes in competitions held by the Pony Club; a national organisation for young people that encourages children to ride. 

Charlotte and Perry jump over a jump

“The best thing I’ve done with Perry is either BYRDS (British Young Riders Dressage Scheme) camp at Hartpury where we met Olympic gold medallist Carl Hester or Pony Club camp,” Charlotte said.

Just like Cub Scouts or Brownie Guides, Pony Club members are encouraged to work towards badges, which are awarded when they can show they have learned a lot about a subject. 

Charlotte’s Pony Club uniform is covered in badges.

“I’ve got stargazing, fundraising, points of a horse, mucking out; that took a whole day. I’d love to work towards the Blue Cross welfare badge,” Charlotte said.

Charlotte is in no doubt that taking on a horse from Blue Cross is a brilliant idea.

“It’s important to have rescue ponies to make sure they all have a home,”  she confirms.

We can’t argue with that!

Charlotte grooming horse Perry
Perry and Charlotte walk side by side

Working together

We are celebrating a decade of working with the Pony Club, an international voluntary youth organisation for young people interested in ponies and riding.

We encourage Pony Club members to learn how to care for a horse and the children can work towards completing the Blue Cross Equine Welfare Merit Badge.

This special badge and certificate may be awarded to any Pony Club member who passes 10 achievement badges, which focus on horse welfare.

— Page last updated 1/03/2017