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Pregnant stray dog gives birth at Blue Cross

A heavily pregnant dog who was abandoned on the streets is now raising four healthy puppies after Blue Cross stepped in to help her.

Poor Florence, who is not much more than a year old herself, had found herself all alone in the dog pound after being picked up as a stray when she was days away from giving birth.

The young Chihuahua arrived at the Blue Cross rehoming centre in Thirsk just in time, on the very last day it was safe for her to travel due to the risk of her going into labour.

Florence with her puppies shortly after they were born.

She was placed in a special custom-built kennel for expectant mums where we could monitor her round-the-clock and provide all the care, comfort and support she needed.

So when she ran into difficulties during labour, Florence knew she was not alone.

“During the birth, Florence became completely exhausted and started to fall asleep. One of the puppies, Iris, had become stuck, and Florence needed to be rushed to the vets where she had an emergency caesarean,” explained Megan Duce, Animal Welfare Assistant at Thirsk.

The caesarean was a success and brave Florence gave birth to four daughters, Iris, Rose, Daisy and Jasmin, and a son called Clover, on 20 March.

[Left to right is Iris, Rose, Clover and Daisy]

“We had three members of staff taking care of Iris and bottle feeding her, as she was very weak,” said Megan.

“We bottle fed her for a few days and then she took to feeding properly from mum. And now there’s no stopping Iris, she’s a real character and likes to wonder and explore.”

Sadly, Jasmin didn’t make it past a few days, but the other puppies have thrived.

“Clover loves his food – he is always right in his bowl. Rose tends to be a bit quieter and Daisy will always come forward to greet you,” Megan said.

“We normally bring them into the staff room so that they can get used to different people.”

Florence also recovered well from the caesarean - during which she was also spayed - and is now embracing motherhood.

“She’s not the traditional mum that always needs to be by her puppies, and she still likes her walks to get a bit of alone time, but she has been absolutely brilliant with them.”

And despite the ordeal she suffered before coming to Blue Cross, sweet Florence has placed her full trust in the team caring for her.

“She is such a lovely girl, and a real character”, added Megan.

Florence and her puppies have already been found loving homes to go to, and will leave the centre for their new lives in about three weeks’ time.

— Page last updated 27/04/2017